1. More LED Parking Lot Lighting Benefits

    When people drive their cars to a parking lot, there should be a reasonable expectation of safety and trust. No one wants to take a gamble when it comes to parking their car in the city, yet, countless people around the United States get robbed in parking lots or get their car broken into. Here at New Edison Lights, we’re trying to change that. With the power of commercial outdoor LED lighting i…Read More

  2. How LED Lighting Can Make Parking Lots Safer

    Parking lots serve their practical purpose, providing a safe place to park your car away from the flow of traffic on the streets. Well, ideally, a parking lot is a safe place to park and walk away from your vehicle, but poorly-lit parking lots struggle with this. Without adequate lighting to illuminate the entire perimeter of the lot, this can invite car thieves and other wrongdoers to break into …Read More