When people drive their cars to a parking lot, there should be a reasonable expectation of safety and trust. No one wants to take a gamble when it comes to parking their car in the city, yet, countless people around the United States get robbed in parking lots or get their car broken into. Here at New Edison Lights, we’re trying to change that. With the power of commercial outdoor LED lighting in Longmont, Fort Collins and other areas of Colorado, New Edison Lights is helping businesses save money on energy costs while keeping things safe through proper LED lighting.

LED Parking Lot Lighting In Longmont And Beyond

In our previous blog post about LED parking lot lights, we took a brief look at how a well-lit parking lot is safer than a dimly-lit lot. We’re going to continue taking a look at parking lot safety and how outdoor LED lighting plays a massive role in improving the parking lot experience for you and your customers. If you’re curious about making the next step toward an energy-efficient future, New Edison Lights can help! Schedule a lighting audit with us today.

Reducing Maintenance Costs

Switching to LED lighting means that you’ll save a great deal in energy consumption, but your maintenance costs can also be reduced by switching from incandescent light sources. Instead of ceasing to function properly once a fuel source is significantly reduced, LED-generated light output degrades very slowly and progressively over time. In other words, the functional life of an LED product can be significantly longer than that of an HID lamp.

An Evenly Distributed Light Pattern

The performance of your parking lot and the surrounding lighting is of critical importance. Not only should your patrons feel safe when they’re in your parking lot, but they also need plenty of visibility as they walk to their car or drive around to find a parking space. From a lighting performance standpoint, LEDs distribute their light via a multipoint design which gives them a very evenly distributed light pattern on the intended surface. For general visibility, this is very important. In addition, due to this even distribution of light, LEDs are available in a range of color temperatures, providing a range of options to increase the visual perception of “brightness.”

Energy Savings

LED lighting is essentially synonymous with energy savings, and for good reason. For any large facility, energy expenditures is a significant line item in the overall monthly budget. By decreasing the amount of energy consumption by even just a little bit, this can have a considerable impact on a company’s overall energy spend. From a dollars and cents perspective, providing the lighting efficiency of each fixture will add up to great savings – even thousands of dollars per year, depending on how many light fixtures you have.

Improve Your Business With Our Commercial LED Lighting Solutions

LED lighting technology is no secret. New or not, New Edison Lights wants to share the gift of our outdoor LED lighting services by illuminating your business! Get in touch with our Longmont commercial LED experts today to learn more.

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