• More obvious is the money saved on utility bills for years to come.
  • Less obvious is the money and time saved on maintenance. When an LED lamp or fixture lasts for 15 years no one is spending time/money to change bulbs or ballasts.
  • Using utility rebates to buy the lighting, if you time it right, and use New Edison, who knows the local rebates and best lighting fixtures/options to maximize rebates, a large percentage of your project will be covered by the utility company rebates. See examples below. These are real examples from customers in the Colorado Front Range.
Recent Local Projects Project Type Lighting Cost* Lighting Rebates Cost* after Rebates Estimated 5 Year Savings
Project #1 Office $22,818 $22,680 $138 $28,808
Project #2 Retail $4,825 $7,782 +$2,957 $10,966
Project #3 Warehouse $20,036 $18,119 $1,917 $65,281
Project #4 Factory $29,850 $31,950 +$2,100 $65,086

*Product cost without taxes or installation

Rebates cannot exceed the cost of product & installation