1. Some Of The Most Brilliant Light Shows On Earth

    Spanning across a variety of cultures and countries all around the world, there’s (at least) one thing that people just seem to be dazzled by: lights! From the world’s largest floating Christmas tree on the water in Rio de Janeiro to the Vivid Festival in Sydney, perhaps there’s a fundamental human fascination with the idea of colorful lights. Maybe it’s because all humans share the same p…Read More

  2. Eco-Friendly Lighting: Money-Saving Tips For Your Business

    Whether you’re a fledgling startup or a massive, well-established international corporation, businesses of all sizes around the world can always appreciate saving money here and there. It’s not like companies particularly enjoy using precious capital for various expenses that could be cheaper, after all. Fortunately, with innovative, eco-friendly cost-cutting solutions like LED lighting for bu…Read More

  3. Even More Myths About LED Bulbs

    We said that we’d be back soon with another blog post following up our original post about common LED lighting myths, so here we are! In the interest of properly informing our readers about the incredible benefits, longevity, and versatility of LED light bulbs, New Edison Lights is back at it again to bust some more of these all-too-common LED lighting myths. These eco-friendly lights are only o…Read More