1. Little Known Things About LED Lights

    “Light-emitting diode” - did you know that’s what “LED” stands for? While most people seem to be familiar with this eco-friendly lighting solution that’s rapidly growing in popularity, it’s doubtful that most people even know what “LED” stands for. As a segue into today’s blog topic, this illustrates our point that the majority of people are yet to discover some of the lesser-k…Read More

  2. Common Myths About LED Bulbs

    Even something as innocent and energy-saving as an LED light bulb isn’t safe from myths and misinformation out there on the internet. It’s true that more and more people around the world are appreciating the efficient benefits of LED lighting, but the LED lighting experts here at New Edison Lights feel that it is necessary to shed light on these myths. That way, our readers can have a clearer …Read More

  3. More Information About LED Lights

    Did you know that LED light bulbs, or light-emitting diodes, have been in production since as early as October of 1962? We bet that you didn’t happen to know that off the top of your head, but you’re already learning cool things by reading this blog post! At New Edison Lights, we’re passionate about all things LED lighting-related and we want our customers and readers to be as knowledgeable …Read More

  4. What Are LED Lights, Exactly?

    Lately, more than ever, the three letters “LED” are making their presence widely known in the lighting department. LED light bulbs are commonplace in many homes these days, with many people preferring LED lights over incandescent lights for their bright luminescence and energy-saving qualities. Despite the popularity of these light bulbs, however, how would you describe what LEDs are, exactly?…Read More