Whether you have an indoor parking garage or a simple outdoor lot near a major venue, you’ll want people to, well, park in your parking lot. After all, what’s the point of a parking lot if the spaces remain unused? It’s a parking lot, not a people lot. In order to attract business, your location is very important, but there are a number of other important factors to keep in mind when it comes to securing business.

Helping Your Business With LED Parking Lot Lighting

Think about the customer’s perspective: do I want to park here? Is it safe? Will my car get stolen or damaged in any way? Will I get damaged in any way? Urban dwellers are no stranger to good street smarts, and it will behoove your parking lot company to give things like commercial LED parking lot lighting some thought and consideration.

Below, New Edison Lights, Colorado’s preferred LED retrofitting solution along the Front Range, is here to cover some practical ways that you can ensure that people feel safe and sound using your parking lot. If you have any questions about our LED lighting services, feel free to learn more about what we do or contact New Edison Lights today with any questions.

Security Cameras

There’s something about security cameras that just makes people feel safe, even if they are on the edge knowing that they’re being watched. From a practicality and liability standpoint, you’ll also want adequate camera coverage of your entire parking lot in the event that vandalism or other wrongdoings occur. Installing security cameras with remote viewing capability will knock out two birds with one stone.

Regular Maintenance and Keeping It Clean

Upkeep is a legitimate security method. Why? Criminals might look at an unkempt parking area and see it as a sign that no one actually monitors the property. A dirty, poorly maintained or poorly lit parking lot not only looks bad to your customers, repelling them, but also invites criminals to prey on your property at night.

Install Call For Help Boxes

Call boxes and intercom systems strategically placed throughout your parking lot area are beneficial in a number of emergency situations. Providing an instant connection to help should a security or medical emergency situation arise, this is a reassuring sign for customers using your parking lot — especially late at night.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, some 20 percent of all auto accidents occur in commercial parking lots. While most of these accidents are simple property damage, you’ll want to provide an instant communication connection in case someone is hurt or in danger.

Using Bright, Ultra-Efficient LED Parking Lot Lighting

Perhaps this one was predictable, but that still doesn’t change the fact that an extremely well-lit parking lot is one of the single most important things you can do to attract business (and detract wrongdoers) to and from your parking lot. By simply contacting New Edison Lights about our commercial LED retrofitting services, we can get you started!

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